Sol Surf Camp maintains a not greater than one to three camper/instructor ratio. The one to three ratio enables us to provide close attention to the instruction and special needs of each of our campers. Surf lessons begin on the beach. Instructors teach the campers how to pick up and carry their boards in a way that will ensure their safety, the safety of others around them, and the safety of their surfboard. The next step in the surf instruction is to teach the campers where on their surfboard to lay down. Campers are then taught when and how to paddle, and stand up on their surfboard. After identifying the locations of the instructors that are in the water, the location of lifeguards, and instruction on water safety, campers are brought into water no deeper than their waist to begin practicing the skills that were demonstrated and practiced on the beach. While in the water, instructors are helping, watching, encouraging, and giving pointers to campers to help them with their surfing skills. During the course of the week campers will learn about; surfing skills and safety, lifeguards, beach safety, water safety, bottom conditions, tides, currents, waves, beach preservation, sea life at the beach, treatment for sting ray and jelly fish stings, and surfboard design and function.